2016-07-10 Workin 4 A Livin

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Please join Leroy McKnight, and Co-Hosts Jeff Brown and David Fillion, Sunday at 7:00pm est; as they discuss “This week In Labor NEWS”: Jeff Brown will be discussing the latest protests in France, the law that caused them and what can be expected in the future., David Fillion will be discussing the Honeywell Lock Out of UAW Local Union 7 members, and Leroy McKnight will cover what is expected to occur leading up to the 2018 UAW Constitutional Convention, and why it is important to participating in this by voting.

Remember after the live Workin 4 A Livin show at 7pm eastern the show will turn into a podcast, and may be listened to at your leisure anytime you chose in the future.

Workin 4 A Livin is about the meaning of work for men and women from all backgrounds – in the union and non-union jobs – who are working for a living every day at their job. For them to get the latest union news, to discuss and learn about the meaning of work within labor unions, how to become an activist, how activism can affect their careers, and how all of that is supposed to occur within a workers union. We welcome you to become a regular listener by “following” us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/workin-4-a-livin. Please also find our website at www.workin4alivin.com, our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/4_workin and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/workin-4-a-livin, and our email address is:

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Author: Leroy McKnight

From TEAM Workin 4 A Livin – Caucus

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