Honeywell Members Pass Their Agreement






On Saturday February 25, 2017, after being locked out by their employer, Honeywell, since May 9, 2016 (292 days) the UAW members at Honeywell – have approved their agreement, and will be returning to work. The membership has spoken!

TEAM Workin 4 A Livin Caucus understands just how difficult a vote this was, and we support the outcome as expressed by a vote of the membership.

We congratulate all of the bargaining team, and other elected officials – of Local Unions 9 and 1508 for their leadership during this very challenging time.

We also extend our congratulations to the membership who stood strong for 292 days in support of their leadership.

We wish you all unity as you move forward.

President Todd Treder of Local Union 9 will be a featured guest on tonight’s TEAM Workin 4 A Livin radio show.


From TEAM Workin 4 A Livin – Caucus

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