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Think about it, you wouldn’t sign a mortgage, loan or other personal contract without the ability to read it in its entirety… Labor contracts are not different, and may actually affect your life in even greater ways than the aforementioned.

Thus… For the following reasons, should you desire to, you are entitled to see the actual agreement and not just the highlights.

First, The Federal Law:


29 U.S. Code § 414 – Right to copies of collective bargaining agreements


It shall be the duty of the secretary or corresponding principal officer of each labor organization, in the case of a local labor organization, to forward a copy of each collective bargaining agreement made by such labor organization with any employer to any employee who requests such a copy and whose rights as such employee are directly affected by such agreement, and in the case of a labor organization other than a local labor organization, to forward a copy of any such agreement to each constituent unit which has members directly affected by such agreement; and such officer shall maintain at the principal office of the labor organization of which he is an officer copies of any such agreement made or received by such labor organization, which copies shall be available for inspection by any member or by any employee whose rights are affected by such agreement. The provisions of section 440 of this title shall be applicable in the enforcement of this section.


Second, The UAW Constitution:



Section 3. No Local Union Officer, International Officer or International Representative shall have the authority to negotiate the terms of a contract or any supplement thereof with any employer without first obtaining the approval of the Local Union. After negotiations have been concluded with the employer, the proposed contract or supplement shall be submitted to the vote of the Local Union membership, or unit membership in the case of an Amalgamated Local Union, at a meeting called especially for such purpose, or through such other procedure, approved by the Regional Director, to encourage greater participation of members in voting on the proposed contract or supplement. Should the proposed contract or supplement be approved by a majority vote of the Local Union or unit members so participating, it shall be referred to the Regional Director for her/his recommendation to the International Executive Board for its approval or rejection. In case the Regional Board Member recommends approval, the contract becomes operative until the final action is taken by the International Executive Board.

Upon application to and approval of the International Executive Board, a ratification procedure may be adopted wherein apprenticeble skilled trades and related workers, production workers, office workers, engineers, and technicians would vote separately on contractual matters common to all and, in the same vote on those matters which relate exclusively to their group.

Before contract or supplemental demands affecting skilled workers are submitted to the employer, they shall be submitted to the Skilled Trades Department in order to effectuate an industry-wide standardization of agreements on wages, hours, apprenticeship programs, journeyman standards and working conditions.

The bold sections are the relevant sections in the actual Federal statute [This is also a part of the “Workers Bill of Rights”], or UAW Constitution provisions. Regarding the UAW Constitution it provides that the “proposed contract” and NOT the “Highlights” be submitted to the vote of the Local Union membership.

Therefore… You have the RIGHT to see and review the actual Tentative Agreement. In the case of GM, Ford and FCA in the fall of 2015 the Tentative Agreements were posted on line. You deserve the same treatment!


Unless you have been afforded the full Tentative Agreement with ALL changes “indicated”…

Then TEAM Workin 4 A Livin – Caucus recommends



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