2018-01-28 Companion Page Regarding UAW Membership Percentages

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Approximate Membership Percentages

As you can now see, the percentages have changed withing the UAW, and those new percentages demand a re-balancing of the Vice President assignments. Certainly at 9% of the total active membership FCA [or for that matter GM nor FORD] no longer have the membership percentages to warrant a full Vice president position as in the past.

As you can see… A UAW Detroit 3 industrial division, an IPS industrial division, and a TOPS division as UAW departments are more reflective of the total active membership percentages.

TEAM Workin 4 A Livin remains stead-fast in our commitment to ALL of the members, and representation based upon their actual numbers as a percentage of the total active membership.

Also… Identifiable members of the UAW actually on social media only represent about 3 % of the total 1 million plus membership – there may be more – however they have not identified themselves with their workplace or union, so it remains very expensive to campaign for international positions… Whether by direct secret ballot vote, or by secret delegate vote and sent to a convention. Saying that we can effectively campaign on social media to 3% of the total membership is not at all realistic at this time.

TEAM Workin 4 A Livin remains vigilantly committed to protect our UAW Members from the reported corrupt activities.

This is the leadership that you can expect to be getting from “Workin 4 A Livin” Union leadership that subscribes to a LABOR ETHOS – and NOT a COMPANY ETHOS.

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