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January 30, 2018 Detroit MI: The frustration levels within the membership of the UAW are so high that, some members actually donated: To  sue themselves.

Lest we forget that in the end; The members are ultimately “The Union”.

In his first “official act”, Reform Caucus “Leader” slated as FCA Vice President – Brian Lee Keller, has sued the very membership he aspires to represent.


The primary things asked for in the document provided below are:

  1. The Court award “damages in an amount to be determined by a jury”;
  2. The Court award award “reimbursement of all dues paid during the conspiracy period”;
  3. The court order “FCA to repay the plaintiffs, and the class the excess value the UAW Paid for the equity interest”;
    1. Note that there appears to be two classes of recipients as in “plaintiffs” and “the class”.
      1. It is not known if the plaintiffs would receive a disproportionate amount of the settlement – according to the agreement they made with this law firm.
    2.  Note, the only known “billion of dollars of equity interest” in FCA is held in the FCA portion of the UAW Retiree Health Care VEBA.


  1. As for FCA’s portion of: The “amount to be determined by a jury” – monies would likely come from:
    1. FCA’s capital reserve, and…
    2. From current FCA bottom line profits, and…
    3. From future FCA bottom line profits.
  2. As for the UAW’s portion of: The “amount to be determined by a jury” – monies would likely come from:
    1. The UAW’s, sorely needed, “Strike and Defense Fund”, and/or…
    2. The rank and file membership in the form of increased Dues Dollars. [Potentially ordered by the Court.]
      1. Some UAW rank and file members actually donated to the filing of this suit.


  1. The end of the tier pay structure,
  2. The return of cost of living,
  3. The return of overtime after 8 hours,
  4. The end of alternative work schedules,
  5. The end of the abuse of temporary workers
  6. A true pathway to seniority,
  7. A true pathway to top wage,
  8. The return of a pension for everyone,
  9. It didn’t address a pension raise for all retirees,
  10. It didn’t address fixing health care for everyone – including retirees,
  11. It did not address the removal and replacement of the leadership at Solidarity House, and finally…
  12. 1 member 1 vote was NOT at all addressed in this lawsuit.

All things that desperately need to be addressed and corrected, but were not even spoken of in this suit!

There is an old saying:

Be Careful What You Ask For, As You Just Might Get It, And There May Even Be: Unintended Consequences!



Please read this suit’s actual court filing for yourself:



While frustrations are extraordinarily high, and intentions are well meaning; this does now seem to be all about a pay-day for lawyers. Thus, some questions beg to be answered:

  1. How much money will actually left for the plaintiffs and class after the attorney’s scoop out their cut – typically assessed at one third of the settlement plus expenses?
  2. Who has been bitten by the “Greed Bug”?
  3. With so much money in the balance; has this very court action turned “Reform the UAW” into “Destroy the UAW”?


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