2006 – UCLA Class Action Plaintiff “Incentive Award” Study

UCLA "Incentive Award Study"

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February 3, 2018 Detroit: 2006 UCLA Study indicates that 27.8% Of Class Actions Settlements Pay Out “Incentive Awards”, And ON AVERAGE The “Incentive Award” For EACH Plaintiff is 12.42%.

Page 1348 “Conclusion” Of The 2006 UCLA Study.

UCLA Page 1347

Page 1348

“The Average Total Settlement of $128,803.”

“The Average [Incentive] Award PER CLASS REPRESENTATIVE was $15,992”.

Here Are Those Settlement and “Incentive Award” Amounts Displayed As A Percentage:

Award Percentages

The Smaller Percentage Is From the Average Amount of 12.42%
Actual Percentage of Class Action “Incentive Awards” To Each Plaintiff May Vary.
However, Lets Look At the Average “Incentive Award”,
Paid Out Based On Several Different Settlement Amounts:

This Considers Attorney Fees, Attorney Expenses [estimated], Each Plaintiff Award, and Award For The Class.

Settlement Payout Amounts

Again, This Is Based On The 2006 UCLA Study Of Class Action “Incentive Awards”, and Uses The Average Percentage.

Actual Percentage of Class Action “Incentive Awards” To Each Plaintiff May Vary.

From The Above Smallest Settlement Amount of $50m; EACH Class Representative/Plaintiff Would Receive Just Over $6.2m.

Enough To Get REAL ANGRY About!

2006 UCLA Study Of Class Action “Incentive Awards” Paid To “Class Representatives” aka “Plaintiffs”.

“Leadership Is Never About “Power and Control”, But Rather For The Privilege And Honor Of Serving The Membership; In The INTEREST OF THE MEMBERSHIP!”

With that being said, Ask Yourself:

Exactly Whose Interest Is Being Most Served By The Lawsuit Against FCA and The Union?

Should the person who sued be voted into the high office of UAW President;

so they could approve their own award and personally benefit by up to 37 million dollars?

Should that occur, it would make the current corruption look  like a bunch of “Pikers”!


Also, Didn’t The Icobelli Plea Agreement Indicate He Paid A “Mere” 1.5 Million Dollars?


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