2020-03-29 Encore – Defining The Problem

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2020-03-29 Encore – Defining The Problem. In keeping with the “Shelter In Place” order by many Governors Of States most especially the Michigan Governor please enjoy this encore show. While listening please keep in mind that Aristotle said, “A Problem Defined Is A Problem Half Solved.” Workin 4 A Livin – Where these “Progressives For Change Offer Opinions That Matter”.

CoVid 19 – A Facebook Video Worth Watching. No matter what you may think about the presenter.


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1. What Went Wrong With Our Country? A Defining Of The Problem.

2. Should “Corporate Citizens” Also Be Subject To The Same Treason Laws Of The United States As Human Citizens?

3. STATE OF THE UNION: Response From A Labor Perspective.

4. Appeal Of The 2019 UAW/GM Contract Ratification Vote.

5. 2020-02-03 – IEB Signs Article 31 Charges.

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