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2021-01-20 inauguration – we face a new day!

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Our country the Unites States of America, has a yet again inaugurated a newly elected President and Vice President.

This is a great day for our country, and with the incoming President and Vice President this day holds the promise of bringing the country back together in unity, the promise of soon conquering the CoVid 19 Virus, and giving aid and assistance to the common working man and woman.

The transfer of power with this inauguration has not been without many challenges. As a mere fourteen days ago there was an insurrection on the Unites States Capitol, and since that fateful day most Americans have been concerned that additional actions may again occur.

It is good that we have not seen any such additional activities, and void of those distractions today we Americans hold new hope that our country will begin the healing process of unity. This will not be an over night occurrence, and we will all need to do our very best to assist our new President Biden to achieve the goals of he and his Vice-Prescient Camala Harris.

They will need all of our help to achieve their lofty goals.

Today, as a former elected Democratic Chairperson I was asked by the Democratic Party to send the newly elected President and Vice President a message, and this is what I wrote:

“All leadership is an awesome responsibility, and as such leadership is often a thankless and lonely position filled with many unpopular decisions. The fanfare and support of today will wane sooner than any of us want.

So… Please allow me to thank you in advance as you face the coming and inevitable trials and tribulations filled with so very many difficult decisions for our country and the world.

God Bless you both; and God Bless the United States of America!”

Leroy McKnight


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