#1 Oversight Of Elected And Appointed Officials



Here you will find a very important resolution for the 2018 Constitutional Convention that seeks oversight and accountability of elected and appointed officials, by full disclosure of their rate of pay, hours worked, and all others monies paid to them by management. That this be published in “list form” weekly conspicuously at the Union Hall, on the in-plant/work-site Union Bulletin Board or on appropriately private (log-in required) Local Union Website.

Correcting our Union starts here with us the membership by taking a small amount of time to perform an accountability check of this information.

The long term results will not only be accountability, but also by reducing the chasm between elected officials and us members, more unity in our Union, and the true solidarity required to take on management for higher wages, lower hours and a better workplace — as mandated by our UAW Constitution.

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#1 Oversight and Accountability


We hope you enjoy reading this, and find it valuable enough to submit to your own local union for approval.


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