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2017-11-30 Response To Auto News Article

Workin 4 A Livin Response

Original Article

UAW caucus to nominate new leadership slate for 2018 election

November 29, 2017 @ 2:10 pm

DETROIT — Following failed organizing drives and an ongoing federal corruption probe, hundreds of UAW officials are expected to meet in Detroit this week to select a slate of candidates for the union’s 2018 elections.

The UAW’s Administrative Caucus — consisting of national and local officers and members — is scheduled to meet Thursday in Detroit to make its recommendations for leadership positions, including secretary-treasurer, vice presidents and president.

The union has not made any official announcement about the event; three people familiar with the plans confirmed the scheduled leadership meeting to Automotive News.

A UAW spokesman declined to comment.

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TEAM Workin 4 A Livin’s – Response:

As it happens… I am VERY PLEASED to be “invited” to join into THIS particular conversation to comment.

Throughout my “comment” let us remember that the “reported” overriding message of this article and purpose of this meeting is:

“The UAW’s Administrative Caucus – consisting of national and local officers and members – is scheduled to meet Thursday in Detroit to make its recommendations for leadership positions, including secretary-treasurer, vice presidents and president.” Something that has been done over and over for almost 70 years.

The article itself, sourced [anonymously] “by three people familiar with the plans”, is well written and provides some very interesting and well-crafted information… for the unwitting. Please indulge me, as I seek to add some additional “education” to the information provided to this very good author’s article.

First, it is no wonder that when this author asked the UAW for official comment, the result was: “A UAW spokesman declined to comment”.

Then the article addresses; “The meeting is part of the union’s election process…” includes that link to the UAW Constitution. I am very glad for that is being offered as the “authority”. So – in this “comment” – we will be referencing the UAW Constitution quite a bit. And… Of course, “referencing” just a little bit of Federal Law.

Now, there is the question of whether “this meeting” is actually part of the “union’s election process” and provided for in the UAW Constitution – remember Constitution is the authority given for this meeting.

Let’s start with “referencing” the Federal Law Authority; Title 29 USC 481 (a)… Titled “International Labor Organizations; Manner of Election”. This section obviously provides for; either a direct election by secret ballot, or at a convention of delegates chosen by secret ballot.

Clearly, the UAW long ago chose the method of “at a convention of delegates”, and that can be found in Article 8 of the UAW Constitution. Article 8 does indeed provide for the “Nomination” of local union delegates to the convention, and it also provides for “nomination” for executive office during convention.

However, Article 8 of the UAW Constitution does not in any way provide for nomination of “executive officers” other than at the at the Convention itself, and most especially NOT at any previous meeting or caucus meeting.

So, the truth of the matter is; that this particular meeting, whose reported purpose is, to nominate “executive officers” is NOT IN ANY WAY a part of the “union’s election process” as provided for by the UAW Constitution. But rather, as reported, the true purpose of this meeting is a Reuther Caucus meeting for its internal nomination of UAW executive officers, to also be nominated at Convention. I would also now note; that this meeting is being held during Thursday, in the middle of the work week, that there will be “leadership and members” travelling from all over the country, and even some lodging may be required.

Another matter in this article is; “…the union’s practice of not allowing anyone aged 65 or older to run for office.”

So… let’s return to The UAW Constitution. I have both read and digitally searched the entire UAW Constitution, most especially Article 8, for any language limiting the age of executive officers to 65 years of age, and such language DOES NOT exist.

Now… Very clearly, the age limit is not at all the “union’s practice” founded in the UAW Constitution, but rather a self-imposed Reuther Caucus rule created some seventy (70) years ago. Yes… That’s SEVEN DECADES AGO!!

And… We all know that the function of the chronological age 65 in the late 1940’s; is not the same functionality of a 65-year-old in 2017. In fact, just last year, the UAW, itself, endorsed a 69-year-old woman for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, and in 2015 the national accounting authority FASB raised the pension funding requirements by over 20% to accommodate the average age in the U.S. rising by 20%.

At a time of such great controversy, one would expect that the UAW itself would be more forthcoming about this particular meeting, and not simply express: “no comment”, and that, even the “three people familiar with the plans”, as they confided to this author, would’ve tended toward the accurate, and not have been obfuscative. It is most certainly true that the Reuther Caucus has been conducting these same activities near’ 70 years. So long in fact that these activities have become “normal”, but… Are they truly “compliant”?

Having said that, I thank the author for such a well written and timely article, and I can barely express how happy I am to see this information in black-letter print in a such a main stream media source.

Oh… There is this one other “tiny” little thing; Title 29 USC 481 (g);. l’ll let you read that, and draw your own conclusions.

Leroy McKnight


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