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Meet Leroy McKnight

On the second day of work at General Motors;

While walking out of the very building that the UAW Sit-Down strike began Brother McKnight was told by a “Sit-Downer”:

“People died right here on this sidewalk so you could work here today, and don’t you ever forget it!”

Brother McKnight has very clearly: NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Extraordinarily Qualified, Skilled Negotiator, Educated And Experienced

Candidate For U.A.W. International President!

The Only Presidential Candidate That:

  1. Has worked in all of the following divisions: Small Car, Big Car and Truck Divisions; Motor Division; Press Division [Sheet Metal, Plastics and Paint], Body [Frame Line], Chassis [Final Assembly]; Parts Division and in Professional Offices both “Legal” & “Financial”.
  2. Attempted to prevent Corporate Stock from being put into the Retiree VEBA.
  3. Has been elected as Chair of a political party.
  4. Is already assembling a Task-Force of transition from the Industrial age to the Digital age.

Leroy McKnight – Bio

Leroy McKnight – Bio


Flint Journal Article

The Above Article Gave Cause For Numerous Conversations With Then Region 1-C Director Stan Marshall [Later UAW International VP of the General Motors Department]. Those Conversations Resulted In the 1984 Language That Gave Corporate Seniority After January 7, 1985, So That Today When Members Transfer From One Location To Another They Carry All Of Their Seniority With Them, And Do Not Have To Begin With Day One Seniority. That Language Is In All Detroit 3 Agreements For Their Respective Corporations. This Was A Visionary Action For That Time – 35 Years Ago, And A Benefit That Many Members Continue To Enjoy Even Today!



Leroy's 4 Local Unions


Leroy’s Four Local Unions He Has Belonged To In His Career, And Title Of His Highest UAW Position To Date.

[Though, Leroy Was Never A “Permanent Staff Member”.]

Press Release Of Leroy's Appointment

Above Is The Press Release Announcing Leroy’s Appointment as UAW Region 1-C CAP Coordinator.



Initiated Legal Action Opposing Det-3 VEBA

December 12, 2005 Leroy Was The Sole Member To Initiate Legal Action Opposing The Det-3 Health Care VEBA.

Because Of A Recent March 2018 Decision In Federal Court, Making Health Care Subject To The Last Contract and NOT A Vested Lifetime Benefit, Leroy Has Reversed His Position And Currently Holds The Position That Health Care Is Safer In A Trust, And NOT At All Safe In The Contract With Any Corporation.


NOTE: On October 4, 2010 Leroy Wrote An 84 Page Document In Objection To The Waiver Of The E.R.I.S.A. Enron Rule Asked For By The Parties In The VEBA Case. This Makes Leroy The Only Candidate For President That Opposed The Placement Of Stock In The VEBA Health Care Trust.


2007 Becky Quick Interview Opposing 2007 Contract Wage Cuts

September 2007: CNBC’s Becky Quick Interview Of Leroy Sternly Opposing The 50% Wage Cuts In The 2007  Contract.


Leroy Instrumental In Return Of Partial Dental and Vision Care.

September 22, 2011: Leroy Was Instrumental In Return Of Partial Dental and Vision Care For Det-3 Retirees.




In The Above May 1, 2017 Video On The Steps Of The Michigan Capital Building, Leroy Outed Ford CEO Mark Fields For Having A $858 Million Dollar Pension Fund. [Largely Due To “Dead Peasant’s Insurance”/Corporate Life Insurance On Retires For The Benefit Of The Corporate Suite.] Twenty One Days Later Mark Fields Was Fired As CEO of Ford. Though Fields Likely Laughed All The Way To The Bank. Leroy Is On Record As Opposing “Dead Peasant’s Insurance”, As Well As Any And All Permission Authorities As Required After 2006, As He Views Such Insurance As Money Directly Out Of Our Member’s Hands.

Leroy’s Hat In The Above Video Is Union Made In America, And Unavailable In Today’s Market. It Is Now Old, Tattered And Torn, and In Need Of Repair – Much Like Our Union.


McKnight, PA Zip Code 15237

Few Know That Leroy Is Very Patriotic Largely Due To His Military Service, And Also His Family’s Rich Heritage Their Having Settled North Of Fort Pitt In 1720 – Nearly Three Hundred Years Ago. Because of That, Today Much Of The North Side Of Pittsburgh Is Named McKnight To Include The McKnight Post Office In The Northern Borough Of Pittsburgh – ZIP Code 15237.



Original McKnight Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence

Another Testament To Leroy’s Deep And Abiding Patriotism For Our Country Is The Above McKnight Original Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence – “Stone” Facsimile. Passed Down Through Leroy’s Family, And Now In Leroy’s Safe Custody. [It Too Is Now Old, Tattered And Torn – Much Like Our Union.]

Leroy’s Father Was A Railroad Brakeman For 46 Years, And Was President Of His Rail-worker’s Union For 20 Years. Leroy’s Step-Mother Was A Steward At Packard Electric in Warren, Ohio. Leroy’s Grandfather Was The Superintendent  Of Maintenance Of Mill Creek Park In Youngstown, Ohio, And Was A 33rd Degree Mason – Leroy’s Praternal Grandmother Was A Nurse And An Eastern Star.

Leroy, Is Happily Single [Divorced] – Has Not Dated Beyond Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner For Nearly Two Decades – Has Two Sons And Five Grand-Children.

Leroy’s Hobby Is Singing Karaoke, And Has Done That For 29 Years From Boston To L.A, and Canada To Georgia. And… There Are Just A Very Few People In The Country That Have Said He Is An “OK” Singer.

Leroy’s Office Is In A Ghetto Portion Of Lansing, As He Desires To Observe Daily And First Hand The “Bottom Rung” Results Of Lower Det-3 Wages, And He Attempts Daily To Interject Hope Into His Neighborhood. Thus, Leroy Fully Understands FIRST HAND The TRUE EVIL Of What Low Wages Cause.

Leroy Remains Politically Active In His Community, And Was A Part Of His Township’s Having Already Repaired The Pension Issues; As Yet To Be Addressed And Corrected In Much Of The Rest Of The Country. Leroy Also Works In The Prevention Of Human Trafficking And The Scourge Surrounding That, And Has Gone To Many “Very Dark Places” To Do So; Fortunately There Have Been Successes. Lastly, You Will Find That A Search Of The Michigan State Police – ICHAT [Criminal History Record] Is Blank And Void Of ANY Criminal History For Leroy McKnight.

As You Can Now See, Leroy McKnight Has The Institutional Memory Of A GREAT U.A.W., Has Demonstrated Vision In The Past For Our Benefit Today, And With Your Help Continues To Possess The Commitment, Energy and Vision Necessary To Lead Our U.A.W. Back To Greatness!

Please Tell Your Local Union 37th Constitutional Convention Delegates About Leroy And TEAM Workin 4 A Livin.

Thank You For Your Time!



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