Of Existing U.S. Treason Law and Punishments

TREASON COULD BE IN THE FUTURE OF SOME U.S. CEO’s. The documents below [Cover Letter and Legislative Request] put in “stark reflect” the problems of the global tax imbalance – Point of Manufacture vs Point of Sale” that has existed since 1982, something that few in the U.S. are aware of, and how “Corporate Citizens” have taken great advantage of this.

The document compares the current 21 Trillion dollar debt with the U.S. Trade Deficit compounded monthly with the respective 10 Year U.S. Treasury note, a number that also equals 21 trillion dollars.

The document also identifies that, while the United States of America has not declared war, it seems very apparent that the U.S. has enemies, and that current “treason law” existing law for “human citizens” does indeed address “giving aid and comfort” to our enemies.

It also announces that the continuation of a One Trillion Dollar exodus of capital from the United States, via a Trade Deficit, is indeed UNSUSTAINABLE!

It also requests a Legislative Review of the Treason Laws and penalties of the United States of America to assess if such laws are adequate or not with regard to the recently established “Corporate Citizens” – asking to measure that against the potentially greatest violator General Motors.

Please consider sending the below documents to U.S. Senators, U.S. House Representative and Governor.


Cover Letter to Elected Officials



Request For Legislative Review

This 2011 Vince Wade video is VERY EYE OPENING


It’s not ME…   It is WE who will get the attention of Congress.

Thank you for your consideration of sending this to your Federal Legislators and Governor.


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