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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY From Workn 4 A Livin


TEAM Workin 4 A livin – Caucus; Extends Everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

As we now all know, Father’s Day, as the 3rd Sunday in June, is an annual celebration honoring fathers and fatherhood, but it took some doing, and it did not come as easy as one might expect.


Since the middle ages; Catholic’s have celebrated Father’s Day on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day).

During the Colonial Times; The Spanish and Portuguese brought Father’s Day as celebrated on March 19th to Latin America, where March 19 is often still used for it.

Prior to the 20th Century Father’s Day was not celebrated in the United States.

In 1911 A proposal by Jane Addams to have a citywide celebration of Father’s Day in Chicago was turned down.

1n 1911 The Portland Oregonian newspaper suggested that a Father’s Day celebration be observed.

In 1912 A Methodist pastor – J.J. Berringer from the Irvington Methodist Church near Vancouver, Washington mistakenly believed that they were the first to celebrate such a day, however, they were preceded by the celebration caused by the 1911 suggestion by the Portland Oregonian.

In 1915, a member of the International Lion Club, Harry C. Meek, claimed that he had the first idea of a Father’s Day Celebration. He chose June 19th because it was HIS birthday. Meek made many failed attempts to promote “his Father’s Day”. However later on, the Lions Club recognized him as the “Originator of June 19th Father’s Day”.

The True Establishment of Father’s Day:

On June 19, 1910, a Father’s Day celebration was held at the YMCA in Spokane Washington. As it seems a young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd whose father – William Jackson Smart was a Civil War Veteran who raised six children on his own; wanted to honor all fathers, and especially her own father.

Though a member of the “Old Century Presbyterian Church” (now Knox Presbyterian Church); after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Sonora told her pastor that fathers should also have such a celebration. And… Promoted the suggestion of June 5th as Father’s Day. Her pastor’s objected saying they could not properly prepare a sermon, and several other local Pastor’s accepted her idea and agreed to a June 19th celebration at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington.

Sonora Smart Dodd continued to promote the idea nationwide.

In 1913 a bill was introduced in Congress to make June 19th a Father’s Day Holiday.

In 1916, Sonora convinced President Woodrow Wilson to come and speak at the Spokane Father’s Day Celebration.

In 1920, Sonora began studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the celebration faded during her absence.

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that June 19th be celebrated nationwide.

In the 1930s, Sonora returned to the Spokane area, and again began promoting Father’s Day. Only THIS time she had the help of Trade Groups. Yes Trade groups like the manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes and any such present that a Father may be given. These groups would benefit from the retail of such products gifted for a Father’s Day.

In 1938, Sonora was assisted by the “Father’s Day Council” founded by the “New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers”.

In 1957, Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine wrote a scathing bill accusing Congress of ignoring Fathers for 40 years.

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation to honor fathers, and designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.

In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed a bill into law that officially and permanently finally made Father’s Day the third Sunday of June.

Beside Father’s Day; Other Holidays Celebrated For Men:

Many other countries celebrate November 19th as “International Men’s Day”, a holiday to honor men who are not father’s.

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